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  • Meet our 2020 Retro Summer Collection.

  • Wear your first tattoo with ’One Point Series’ of the Instant Tattoo, the most realistic, convenient temporary tattoo you can wear in 10 seconds without water with a real-like matte finish.

  • Discover all the popular floral tattoos in a ’Song Of Tattoo’ Collection.

  • Go for the imaginary journey with a ’Postcard’ collection, full of pen-drawing objects, hand-poked tattoos and

    Retro Summer Collection   NEW

    2020 Retro Summer Collection reimagines wonderful moments of the summer into ten tattoo designs; retro props representing beautiful, fresh, sparkling summer.


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    Meet one point series, collection of the most popular design object into the individual pack. Enjoy your favourite design piece a little longer, with few more spares.

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