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My Neighbour Tattooru Ep.03

Instant tattoo X BTS
The first edition, [DREAM FOREVER]

In December 2020, Instant Tattoo and Big Hit IP signed an official license agreement.
We launched BTS's music-themed tattoo sticker, meaning 'the closest way to documenting our journey'. 👏👏👏

For those of you who are wondering what it looks like, I've prepared an unboxing video from Instant Tattoo.
You don't need long words for unboxing, do you? Bright and colorful designs, check out the video now!

My Neighbour Tattooru Ep.02

‘My Neighbour Tattooru’ explains real tattoos of KPOP Idols! ☆BTS Jimin, EXO Chanyeol, (G)-IDLE Soojin, MAMAMOO Wheein, TWICE Chaeyoung☆ Let’s get into the Show Show Show!

My Neighbour Tattooru Ep.01

‘My Neighbour Tattooru’, a tattoo artist/product designer at #InstantTattoo explains Failproof Lettering Tattoos Placements! She cherry-picked tattoo placements best for Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and so on, with detailed tips and tricks to choose the best possible outcome for your lettering tattoo.