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「My Very Own Lettering Tattoo」

From initials to friendship tattoos to anniversary dates - for a long time, lettering tattoos have been a way for people to express themselves in a special way. Now, with Instant Tattoo™, you can create your very own one-of-a-kind lettering tattoo!

One Special Tattoo for One Special Day

Travels with friends and family, anniversaries with loved ones, concerts by your favorite artists, and sports matches of your favorite teams - make these special days even more magical by customizing and wearing your very own lettering tattoos

    You design it, we make it

    Without the need for design tools or technical expertise, our "One-Step Custom Tool" enables registered members to easily bring their Instant Tattoo™ lettering ideas to life. Simply enter your word or phrase and select from the available fonts that our design specialists have curated. Through our thorough production process, we will bring you a beautiful and professionally crafted final product that you can wear

    High Quality
    Something you can only experience with Instant Tattoo ™

    Instant Tattoo implements a unique matte finish technology that brings you a realistic look that you can wear in just 10 seconds. This process has also been applied to 「My Very Own Lettering Tattoos」

    Let's Start!
    「My Very Own Lettering Tattoo」

    One Minute Production System

    Our "One-Step Custom Tool" allows registered members to quickly and easily design their very own lettering tattoos

    • 1
      Step 1.
      Please enter the wording you want for the tattoo.
    • 2
      Step 2.
      Choose the size, alignment, column spacing to fit within the area and name the tattoo on the label.
      * Labels are not printed as tattoos.
    • 3
      Step 3.
      Please make a final confirmation of the design before making a payment. The design cannot be modified after payment
      Endless lettering possibilites, Curated Font Selections

      Bring your words to life by pairing them with our variation of curated fonts

      • 1
        Naturally flowing English hand script font

        Recommendation phrase
        No song without you
      • 2
        Diagonal handwritten English font with attractive typeface that looks like it was written clearly and carefully

        Recommendation phrase
        Starry Night
        Cosmo's Midnight
      • 3
        Homemade Apple
        English font that expresses sophisticated cursive with the texture of crayon

        Recommendation phrase
      • 4
        Reenie Beanie
        Cute handwritten English font like children's graffiti

        Recommendation phrase
        Clearest blue
      • 5
        English font with bright and energetic atmosphere

        Recommendation phrase
      • 6
        Brittany Signature
        Romantic English hand script font that feels powerful and free

        Recommendation phrase
        Dear Diary
        Per ardua ad astra
      • 7
        Stylish and easy-to-read English script font

        Recommendation phrase
        Carpe Diem
      • 8
        English hand script font that can create a natural flow

        Recommendation phrase
      • 9
        Vintage English script font inspired by 50-60s brochures

        Recommendation phrase
        Hakuna Matata
        Amor Fati
      • 10
        Courier Prime
        Retro typewriter-style English font

        Recommendation phrase
        Track your order status in real-time.
        * Custom-made products will be shipped within 10 business days after your order is placed.

        「My Very Own Lettering Tattoo」
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        Courier Prime 32px - smile :)