How do I apply Instant Tattoo?

Make sure you apply the tattoo on a clean, dry, and hairless surface. Carefully peel off the thin protective film, and place the tattoo face down on your skin. Pat down all corners of the tattoo for 10 seconds. Starting from the corner, carefully remove the plastic layer.

How long does Instant Tattoo last?

Instant Tattoo can last up to 7 days. How long it lasts depends on the area of application, how sweaty the area is, and how much you wash it.

Is Instant Tattoo waterproof?

Yes! They are waterproof, so don't be afraid to shower or go swimming – in fact, washing the area gently and keeping it clean will make it last longer. Though Instant Tattoo is waterproof, we recommend avoiding rubbing and scrubbing

Can I remove the tattoo?

Yes! You can use regular household tape to remove the tattoo. Take a strip of tape and place it over your tattoo. Rub it a little and peel. The longer the tattoo has been on the more tape you will need to fully remove it.

Does Instant Tattoo have a shelf life?

If package is unopened, Instant Tattoo can be stored up to a year. However, if opened, we recommend using it up within a month. We recommend storing in a cool, dry place - outside of direct sunlight.

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