Wash and dry the area you want to apply instant tattoo. It will make the application easier and the tattoo last longer. Carefully peel off the thin protective film. And place the tattoo face down on your skin. Gently press all areas of the thick plastic layer for at least 30 seconds or longer. Slowly peel off the thick plastic layer, starting from the corner of the tattoo.

Mostly Instant tattoo last about 2-5 days. Some of the ones with intricate, fine lines may wear off a bit sooner. They are waterproof and are fine in the shower and the swimming pool – in fact, they will last longer if you keep it clean by washing the area gently. Don’t forget to place instant tattoo on an oil-free skin surface!

you can simply get it off by using regular household tape. take a strip of tape and stick it over the edge of your instant tattoo. Rub it a lottle and peel it away. The longer the tattoo has been on the more tape you will need to fully remove it.

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