Instant Tattoo How To Use

With Instant Tattoo's patented matte-finish technology, wear realistic tattoo within 10 seconds, without water!

✓Super easy ✓Safe ✓Realistic designs
Step 1

Clean and Dry the area you want to apply Instant Tattoo.

✓Keep you skin dry ✓No moisture

Instant Tattoo won't stick properly if your skin is not free from debris, moistore, oil and etc. Please clean and dry your skin prior to application.

Step 2

Cut the design of choice with a bit of margin around.

Hold the sheet with your thumb and index finger, and cut out the design with a bit of margin around.

Step 3

peel off semi-transparent plastic sheet from white protective paper.

✓Be Extra Careful ✓Slow and gentle

Gently Peel off semi-transparent film while checking it is attached and intact.

* Instant Tattoo is made with delicate lines, so it might get damaged if you peel off too fast. Please peel off slowly with care.

Step 4

Place the film face down on the part of your choice, and cover it evenly with your palm for 10 seconds.

✓No water needed ✓Within 10 seconds ✓Use body temperature only

Instant Tattoo uses body temperature and gentle pressure for the application. Ensure the design is covered well within your palm and gently press it down to distribute body temperature evenly.

*If the edge of design is not applied properly, use your finger to press it down a bit harder to be applied.

Step 5

Peel off the film to complete Instant Tattoo!

Gently peel off the film from the edge of the design while ensuring the tattoo is well attached to your skin.

*Apply Instant Tattoo's Matte fixer, mist, lotion, powder on tattoo to make it even more realistic.

Instant Tattoo Quick Tips

  • it takes about 5 minutes to look natural.
  • Apply Instant Tattoo's Matte fixer, mist, lotion, powder on tattoo to make it even more realistic instantly.

How to apply - by parts


when applying areas like fingers, ensure to cover the design along with curvatures of part.


When applying areas with steep curves and dips like ankles, cover the design with your palm first for 10 seconds, then press dipped areas with your fingers for further 10 seconds.

Collarbones, Neck

Areas around collarbones and neck are usually oily, so ensure to clean the area with alcohol swabs to remove oil and debris as much as possible before application.

Quick Removal Tips


soak them under warm water, or use cosmetic cleansing products and gently rub until removed.


You can remove tattoos using cellophane tape.  

*Skin irritation might occur for sensitive skin

Instant Tattoo retention period

It'll last up to 10 days depending on the area.
1 days
3 days
5 dyas
  • Rubbing, friction, exposure to moisture, wrinkly areas will be less durable.
  • Instant Tattoo has high water resistance, but retention may decrease if exposed to water for more than 3 hours.